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We have been in the traffic school industry since 1997. With our signature pup-ification process, we can provide you with the driver improvement knowledge from a standard traffic school course, but themed with dogs and cats.

About the Puppy Traffic School Team

Our team was founded by Steve Soldis. In 1996, he received a traffic citation which inspired him to revolutionize the traffic school industry. His ticket was received while traveling and he wasn't able to attend an in-person course which was hundreds of miles away from his home. He was then dedicated time to think about how to make traffic school more accessible and created an online course where drivers could protect their driving record from anywhere.

Steve's team now includes several customer service specialists, course development and licensing teams, as well as marketing, sales, and management associates who are all passionate about not only the driver improvement industry but also puppies and other small animals. We wanted to find a way to help puppies and animals, while continuing our business goal of helping drivers protect their driving records; Puppy Traffic School is our attempt to make those goals and aspirations a reality.

Our Pup-Tastic History