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Dog Seat Covers Are a Must-Have for Pet Owners

You're traveling down the interstate in your freshly cleaned sedan, your two large-breed dogs are happily camped out in the backseat. One of the dogs, we'll call her Muffin, could sleep through a hurricane and is currently passed out into dreamland. The other dog, let's call him Rocco, is not so lucky. Rocco loves going for rides, but his stomach does not.

As you're going about your merry way at 70 mph, Rocco starts turning in circles, and won't sit down. You know what's about to happen, and as you finally make it out of the slow lane, and on over to the emergency lane, it happens -- everything Rocco managed to get down his gullet in the last 12 hours is now all over half of your back seat. (Luckily, Muffin was aware of the impending projectile, and is now quietly sitting as far away from Rocco as she can get.) Rocco looks at you with apologies in his eyes, but they are short-lived as round 2 is about ready to begin.

I think as pet owners, we've all probably experienced something close to the Adventures of Muffin and Rocco. If you were lucky, you had a cover on your seat before you started your trip. Some of us, however, had to learn the importance of seat covers the hard way. After a time or two of cleaning off the back seat, sweeping out the floorboard, and scrubbing the upholstery with various cleaners, you will find yourself more than ready to go to the store and purchase a cover as soon as you possibly can.

Taking our dogs out with us when we go places is a great way to bond with them and to give them a source of excitement and enjoyment. To make sure you also get enjoyment from your outing, and not just a headache, here are a few different types of seat covers you can choose from, and their link for an easy purchase:

  • If you settle your pooches into the back seat of your car or truck, you can find a nice seat cover for the entire back area (floor included) here.
  • If you prefer to put your pup in the front seat, here is a bucket-seat cover.
  • For you SUV drivers that reserve the cargo area for your hounds, here is a cargo cover.

Depending on which type of cover you're looking at, prices will generally start around the $20 area.

We know everyone is living on different budgets these days, and paying $20 or $30 for a seat cover may be a bit expensive depending on your current circumstances. Investing in a good cover, however, can save you money in the long-run. When you have to keep vacuuming your seats every time you take your fur-babies with you, or when you have to shampoo the seats because of an accident one of them had, you'll quickly see what a worth-while investment your seat cover has been. (Keep in mind the resell value of your vehicle as well.) If you have a sick dog, and need to take them in to the vet, a seat cover can not only help protect against any vomit they may produce during the ride, but if it's been rainy and they happen to be muddy that day, it can help protect against the dirt that would otherwise end up all over your vehicle, and probably ground into your upholstery.

Regardless of the mess you encounter, you'll find your seat cover can hold up against the best of them. Though you may have to clean your fur baby off before you let them in the house, you will be very glad when all you have to do to clean your car is remove the seat cover and hose it off.

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