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Your Traffic Ticket Helped Save A Puppy Today!

So you've gotten a traffic ticket. It's a bummer for you, but good news for puppies, thanks to Puppy Traffic School! Check out how our innovative company is partnering with a compassionate organization on a mission to deliver amazing results, like better driving records and healthier, happier puppies. This unique partnership is making a tremendous difference in the lives of puppies and traffic ticket recipients alike. Read on and find out more about this incredible win-win mission and how you can be a part of it all...

Cold Hard Cash:

Sign-up with Puppy Traffic School for just $30 and become a supporter of efforts to save puppies. Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) receives 25% of your total fee. And this wonderful organization puts your cold, hard, cash donation to very good use in an array of programs and services.


Controlling pet reproduction is key to addressing the problems created by pet overpopulation. Too many unwanted puppies results in health and behavior problems for pet owners with limited time and resources. Animal shelters develop overcrowded conditions. ARF's contributions to the solution are two low-cost spay/neuter clinics. A brick-and-mortar site, as well as a mobile clinic, are providing the highest quality surgical sterilization procedures in their local community.

Pets for Vets:

Most Americans can agree on one thing: we all want to do what we can to support our veterans of war re-adjust to civilian life. For those struggling with issues like PTSD, ARF's Pets for Vets program is actually helping two individuals: the veteran of war and a shelter dog who is rescued and trained to provide the assistance and comfort therapy needed.

Youth Rescue:

ARF is not just committed to rescuing dogs but also to rescuing America's at-risk and vulnerable youth. Volunteerism and educational classes enable children of all ages to recover and grow as they develop relationships with rescue animals.

Camp ARF:

How does a rescue dog camp theme help dogs? By educating the public about the important roles of therapy dogs, awareness is created about how these roles are perfectly suited for shelter and rescue animals. The program communicates how two lives are changed for the better by supporting organizations like ARF. Making it a fun and positive experience ensures memorable and meaningful impact.


All too often shelters see new arrivals surrendered because owners no longer want to live with problem behaviors. ARF is committed to providing the dog-owning public with behavioral and skills training classes led by experienced instructors. Equip dogs with good manners and the risk of voluntary owner surrender is greatly reduced. This, in turn, helps prevent overcrowded conditions in animal shelters.

Pet First Aid:

Would you know how to recognize a life-threatening situation in your pet? Do you know how to render emergency first-aid that could mean the difference between life and death until a dog could receive treatment from a veterinarian? ARF understands that puppy guardians depend on their pets for comfort and companionship. But puppy's are counting on guardians to take care of their needs as well. ARF's first-aid classes instruct humans how to perform pet CPR, safely capture and restrain a distressed animal and how to respond to a variety of injuries and illnesses.

Emergency Medical Fund:

Meeting the needs of the family pet can be expensive. Veterinarians are highly educated professionals with specialized expertise. ARF's Emergency Medical Fund helps to bridge the financial gap for families who cannot afford medical care for their pet. There shouldn't be a price tag on love. Even pet guardians of limited financial means should be able to enjoy all the benefits of canine companionship.

I bet you never realized just how much potential for good was attached to that traffic ticket! If you are ready to help the world of dogs, along with helping your driving record, then sign-up with Puppy Traffic School today!

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