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The Safest Way to Transport Your Pets Across the Country

Traveling with pets can be a problematic situation particularly if you are going across country. Your energetic buddy will have a tendency to roam around the vehicle or get anxious due to the movement of the vehicle. That's why it is important to take the time to understand the best and safest way to transport your pet across the country.

While there are multiple methods to consider and even variations on the following technique, we are going to highlight a simple way that you can use. This is among the safest and easiest way to transport your pet across the country or even on a relatively short trip.

Acclimate Them To A Crash-Tested Crate

The first step in this process is to introduce them to a crash-tested crate and get them used to sitting in it. Start by placing the crate in your home and using it to restrict their movement while you are out of the house. The crate should be a comfortable and happy place for the pup and never used as a way to punish them.

After they are used to it in the house, put it in the car and use it to take them for trips. Position the crate in a way that they can see you and hear you during the trip. Otherwise, they may end up getting anxious and trying to get out of the crate. Comfort, safety, and happiness are the major keys to transporting your pup in a crate like this one.

Take Breaks For Both You And The Pup

During the trip, you are going to need to take frequent breaks to let your dog stretch their legs. There are a few reasons for this action. First of all, you are going to want to avoid accidents that can make the dog uncomfortable in the crate and which will stain your vehicle. Pay attention to their actions while you drive to get a feel for when they have to go.

Getting out of the car also lets them vent a little energy and feel more comfortable. Find a rest stop or an area that has a dog run and let your buddy explore the area for 30-45 minutes or so. While this will definitely slow your trip down, it is necessary for their well-being. It will help burn a little excessive energy and calm their active mind.

Feeding Them During The Trip

There are a few ways you can feed your pet during the trip. One popular method is to give them plenty of water and food inside their crate. In this way, you don't have to worry about stopping and feeding them while driving. This also helps to keep them well hydrated and avoids discomfort if you forget to feed them during the trip.

However, others prefer to feed their pet and give them water during their pit stops. There are a few benefits here. First of all, it will keep them from getting too filled up during the trip. It also keeps them from making a mess during the drive. Avoiding accidents like this is beneficial because it keeps you from freaking out as you drive.

Never Let Your Dog Roam Free

No matter how big your dog is and how nice it feels to drive with them on your lap, they should always be in a crate. Dogs have a tendency to roam around a car and explore it as you drive. Imagine getting a small pup underfoot as you're driving to drive. The dangers here are too great and should be avoided at all costs.

This fact is also true of cats. While cats can get acclimated to driving, they tend to roam even more anxiously than dogs. Keeping them in a comfortable and relaxing crate with plenty of treats and toys should help manage their anxiety and avoid serious behavior problems. Most importantly, remember to always stop if your pet seems anxious and walk them on a leash to eliminate some of their anxiety.

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