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Travel With Your Dog Using Proven Safety Products

While cruising around with your dog, keep your pooch, yourself and passengers as safe as possible with the latest excellent gadgets available. State-of-the-art design, materials and construction make car-time with Fido extra comfortable and incredibly safer. Traveling with dogs has never before been easier thanks to one product manufacturer who stands head and shoulders above the rest with regards to pet safety in the car.

Pet-Safe Restraints

An unrestrained pet is an injury waiting to happen. It doesn't take a collision for a dog to experience some G-forces in a sharp turn or quick brake action that can throw them into the floor, a door, the back of a seat or the dashboard. Once launched a dog also becomes a dangerous projectile that can injure anyone else in the car. Protect your pet and your passengers by using proper restraint devices on your dog.

Not every harness is constructed for restraint in a motor vehicle. Sleepypod's Clickit Utility Dog Harness is the first and only of its kind. It features a three-point design to secure the upper and lower part of a dog's torso in the event of impact. With a D-ring attached it is perfectly suitable for use outside of the car as well.

The dog's chest area is protected with a broad, cushioned vest that is secured with automotive seatbelt grade webbing that straps across their back. It has been proven successful at reducing the forward and lateral movements produced by automobile collisions and to effectively reduce risk of injury to the dog.

Sleep Space

For long road trips, or for small dogs who prefer to sleep rather than gaze out the window, Sleepypod has the perfect solution. The Mobile Pet Bed is the only carrier providing proven comfort and safety in a collision. In product safety tests even typical plastic crates didn't fare as well as Sleepypod's bed.

With a mesh, domed top the carrier is a soft, padded bed surrounded by a hard shell. Among all carrier products put through an array of crash tests in 2015, it was named Top Performer by the Center For Pet Safety (CPS). The PPRS Handilock is a free accessory that further strengthens the velcro security straps which improves its already effective security.

Designed for pets under 15 pounds, it surrounds them with plush foam for a snug environment that will keep them injury free in a crash. Online reviews of consumers who have actually experienced collisions while using the Mobile Pet Bed have reported that their pets came through unscathed.

Advice From The Experts

For those who regularly travel with their dogs there are a few things CPS would like you all to know:

  • Don't trust marketing and advertising when it comes to pet safety products. Find out if the product has actually been safety tested.
  • A leash or tether is not a suitable restraint in a moving vehicle. It can cause injury.
  • Use restraint harnesses that have been tested according to industry safety standards and proven to be effective.
  • Select a restraint appropriate for your dog's body weight.
  • Full containment in a carrier is recommended for small dogs and cats.
  • Although medium-sized dogs fare well in a collision if properly restrained with the right harness, larger dogs, weighing 75 pounds or more, should be crated.
  • All crates need to be secured with a strength rated anchor strap system.
  • The majority of car seats marketed for pets have not passed standard safety tests. Use with caution.

Stay Informed

One thing that is wonderful about living in a pet friendly nation known for innovative developers and entrepreneurs is that the next big thing in pet safety could be on the market tomorrow. It is highly unlikely people will stop traveling in cars with their dogs. The pet industry knows this and their brightest minds are committed to the task of delivering quality products. Stay tuned-in to the industry because you never know when the latest development will break making it easier and safer to motor with your four-legged best friend. You will want to have that new product before your next road trip.

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